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I respect Katy Perry. She has done a lot. I mean the most #1’s on a single CD since Michael Jackson THAT is truly an accomplishment. She’s constantly on the radio and unlike other queens (Gaga) I believe ALL her singles have hit top ten (Gaga lost it with MTN)

I am a smart person and don’t belittle an artists accomplishments just because I don’t like them (I hate when people do that)

However I will say I despise Katy Perry for many many reasons that don’t have much to do with her music.

My most popular are

That I believe she is a hypocrite in a very bad way. I know that in the show business you have to recreate yourself constantly to sell, Katy does this in a terrible way. True her management is half to blame but I still think she is a hypocrite because she changes entire life views at the drop of a dime. It isn’t cute.

And also she has a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE track record with her LGBT audience. I could go into detail but just research a little bit about a scandal that happened between her team and a few gay guys who did a video for California Gurls.

Because of this I simply will not support her with my money. And I find it very hard to listen to her.

As far as being a good performer I don’t deny that (Like I said I believe she has a terrible manager but whatever) California Girls was the song of the summer 2 years back and idk she does have a lot of number #1’s

but for too many reasons she has lost favor with me and I choose not to support her.

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